Package net.sf.composite

Provides tools for implementing the Composite design pattern.


Interface Summary
Component An object which can be combined with other similar objects to form a composite object.
Composite An object that is a combination of one or more components.
ListableComposite A composite that can be queried for information about its components.
RegistryComposite A composite which keeps its components in a registry such that each component has a unique String name.
SimpleComposite A composite which keeps track of its components as a simple array property.
SpecializableComposite A composite that may be exposable as types in addition to those explicitly specified in the class declaration.
StrictlyTypedComposite A composite that requires that all of its components implement a given interface.
ValidatableComposite A composite whose internal state can be validated.

Class Summary
Defaults Creates default instances of the main objects that are used repeatedly in the framework.

Exception Summary
CompositeException Indicates some problem was encountered while performing an operation related to object composition.

Package net.sf.composite Description

Provides tools for implementing the Composite design pattern.

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